Our Story

Swedish for little, Liten was inspired by owner Becky Buford's grandfather, a gold miner from a small mining town in Colorado. Hints of this inspiration can be seen through out the space -- big hunks of agate and pyrite, an antique brass scale and an old miners headlamp. Collaboratively, Becky and contractor husband Jim have brought this unique space to life. 'Liten is about the discovery of the artist, a minimal, intimate space filled with beautiful natural light in which we hope to bring clients and artists together.'

'Having Essenza and Les Amis, over the years I have come to realize just how special a piece of jewelry can be, how it can become a symbol, marking a special time or event in someone's life. I believe jewelry is like a captured memory that you can physically hold, appreciate and make a part of you.' - Becky Buford, Owner

Liten is the latest addition to the Les Amis & Essenza family in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Be sure to check out our sister store Essenza, right next door and Les Amis, just around the corner from us.